We sail too!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Not all of our members are sailors — yet!  Many of our dedicated volunteers who show up regularly on Thursday nights to restore Eleanor are in it for the experience — learning how to put a boat together, enjoying the comradeship of working on the boat, and looking forward to the comradeship of sailing the boat.

But many of our members are.  Here are two.



Board and Reconstruction Crew Member Dennis Sailing his First Boat Home

We made it to Hudson about 6:30 last evening just as the tide was turning.

We chugged along about on 4 out of 7.5 hp.  Only snag along the way was the tiller snapping
as we made the turn into the Round Out creek on Saturday night.  The Power boat club in Kingston
was very hospitable and gave us a spot for the night.  I had Jim pick me up, take me to Hudson,
and I fashioned a new tiller from a scrap piece of white oak, and got it installed yesterday (Sunday) morning
and we continued out journey up the river – mostly motoring as the wind was not always favorable and
we needed to get to Hudson before the tide changed and it got dark. . .

Looks like we are going to name the boat, The Crooked Tiller, or Crooked Tilley.

Note from the b/logger:  Dennis drove up to the restoration site where he knew
he would find everything he needed to make a tiller.
And I’m for Crooked Tilley!



Alice and Phyllis Beals (Board Member) aboard her sailboat Eleanor in Raritan Bay.

“Women sailors are the best!!!  Sorry Dennis.” — says President Louise

Note from the b/logger:  Guess who she’s named after.



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