Louise tells the Eleanor Story

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Louise and Commodore Allen White

   Louise and Commodore Allen White

Louise Bliss, President of HRHBrass, wowed members of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club as she told the story of the restoration of the Eleanor on December first. She compared the restoration of the Eleanor to the restoration and preservation of an historic building. Well-known designer and architect, Clinton Crane, who designed the Eleanor, had an important effect on a period of history — The Golden Age of Sail and the Gatsby years. She spoke of the recognized and catalogued style of his Knockabout Racing Sloop, and of the outstanding men owning the Eleanor: J. Linton Riggs, Henry and Edward Livingston, and Captain P.S. Egan. The Eleanor is listed on the National and New York state registers of historic places.

Louise will soon be speaking at the Newport Yacht Club and is available for great entertainment elsewhere.


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