Upcoming Events

Restoration work on Eleanor takes place on Thursday evenings beginning at 5:30 p.m at the restoration site located at 99 South 3rd Street.  We’re pouring on the steam now!  New volunteers and members, please email eleanorrestorationproject@gmail to insure access to the building.

To arrange to visit Eleanor, please email eleanorrestorationproject@gmail.com.



2/1/2017 – Annual Meeting for Members and Friends
Hudson Power Boat Association at 6:00
The HRHB Board & Officers invite you to bring a friend, a fun “blind” auction item in a pretty box or bag, and an EZ prepared entree or appetizer to start off the evening. Cash bar for “Sassparillas.”



We are raffling off this lovely wood framed painting of Eleanor by Columbia County artist Audrey Wyman. Please contact us at eleanorrestorationproject@gmail.com for information and to buy tickets.  You may be the lucky winner of this painting of Eleanor sailing out to the Hudson Athens Lighthouse.


We are grateful to these organizations. Please support them:



Hudson’s Future Waterfront  —  Richard Wambach